30 Years???

Amore is a Canadian, woman owned company started by Stefania Anderson in the early 90’s. It is a long story, but to try and summarize, she started in the hair industry and moved over to esthetics once she sold her hair distribution business. (She originally brought Paul Mitchell to Canada in the 80’s). Through industry … Read more


After 30+ years of bringing great UV products to the market, we are now incorporating more UV/LED gels into our system. However, not wanting to change the products that thousands of techs know and love, we have maintained the core line of UV gels in our system.  Our UV gel components are quality, time tested … Read more

Hema, What’s the scoop?

There are a lot of discussions about HEMA these days. Everyone has likely seen the following ingredients listed on product labels. HEMA and di-Hema. First, we need to discuss the differences between them. Di-Hema and HEMA have very different molecular structures, with di-HEMA being a considerably larger molecule than HEMA. HEMA is a known high-level … Read more