Smooth Sculpt by Amore is a superior UV/LED PolyGel system.

It applies like acrylic and uses GEL (not alcohol) to move, sculpt, and pad the product into place. 

Giving you a perfectly smooth finish, with less need for finish filing.
Custom formulated with top chemists in Germany, using only the highest quality ingredients, the product you have been waiting for is HERE!

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When PolyGel originally hit the market, it promised that it would apply like acrylic and cure like gel. The only problem was (and remains) that PolyGel was a hard, sticky mess to apply (let alone get out of the tube), and using alcohol to “move” it was hard on brushes, not to mention destroying the polymer chains in the gel.

Smooth Sculpt Builders-With four colors, Soft Clear, Soft Pink, Soft White and Rose you will be able to achieve any look you desire. This optimal formula gives you maximum product control, unbeatable strength and flexibility, with minimal filing work.
Smooth Move Slip-This multi functional product is used as a medium for controlling the product and also as an adhesion base for natural nails. It is a product free of Acetone and/or Isopropyl Alcohol, so it will not evaporate, dry or destroy polymer chains. You need only very small amounts of Smooth Move with the Smooth Sculpt system.

Application Instructions

Prep the natural nail as per professional protocol for gel nail application.
~Apply a thin layer of Smooth Move on the prepared natural nail. Do not cure.
(For problem lifters, apply a layer of Amore Bonder, or use an Amore Primer and THEN apply the thin layer of Smooth Move)
~Brush some Smooth Move on a working tile/plate (you will use this to dip your brush into in order to move the Builder once it’s applied to the nail)
~Use the spatula end of your brush to scoop out the desired amount of builder and place on the nail.
(using a spatula saves the bristles of your brush)
~Dip your working brush into the SmoothMove on the tile, and begin shaping/padding the
builder with your brush. Re-apply the Smooth Move to your brush as needed.
(Unlike alcohols and or slip products used in other PolyGel products, you will find that Smooth Move
does not evaporate or dry out the nail plate)
(Use the belly of the brush to shape the builder-rather than trying to apply it like a gel using the tip of the bristle)
~0nce you have the builder where you want it-cure. (LED 90 sec UV 120sec) You will notice that the surface of the builder levels to a nice smooth finish if you let it sit for a moment before curing. This is Smooth Sculpt’s “honey levelling effect”, and lends to less finish filing.