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As a manufacturer, we appreciate our customers! No matter where you purchase your Amore products from, WE want to reward you for supporting your local distributor! Register here and a customer representative will send you all the details on how you can begin EARNING FREE PRODUCTS, and be part of our “Sneak Peek” club. It’s SO EASY!

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The Amore Ambassador Program is for our existing customers who primarily use and LOVE Amore Ultima products! It is our way to show our customers that we appreciate their passion for our products.  This is not necessarily a program that you can apply for, it is a program where we notice you consistently using, sharing and LOVING Amore products. We understand that we can’t possibly see EVERY POST, so if you think we have missed your work, please touch base with us and get on our radar!

remember to use #amoreultima and @amoreultimagelnailsystem