Full Service Distributors

Full Service Distributors provide the best Amore experience for nail technicians. They are committed to carrying the full line and offer top notch education at their respective locations. If you are looking for a distributor in an area not listed, please contact us  at Head Office and we will direct you.


Impact Salon Sales
6A Legend Tr
Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 0B1
Phone: 780-963-5412/800-661-4271
Web:                                            Facebook Page

All About Nails Inc                                                                510 P Highway No. 1
Strathmore, AB T1P 1M6
Phone: (403) 901-8698
Fax:   (403) 983-4015
Web:                                                                     Facebook Page

Balance Beauty Lloydminister
2602 50th Ave                                                                            Lloydminster, AB
Phone: 780.874.9067
Facebook Page

CF Nails Distribution & Training                                           10 Heritage Circle West                                                             Lethbridge, AB                                                        Phone: 403 929 5354                                  Email:                              Facebook Page



Nove Salon & Esthetics Wholesale
11233 Quebec Ave
Saskatoon SK S7K 1V3
Phone: 306-220-0820


Cut & Polish Brandon
1126 Princess Ave
Brandon MB R7A 0P9
Phone: 204-741-0457


Swiss Prime Nails
Aeschenvorstadt 55, 4051 Basel, Schweiz
Phone:  +41 76 393 14 19

Nepper Nails
Gammel Århusvej 19, Viborg, Denmark
Phone:  +45 41 98 41 76



Details Beauty Supply (Vancouver Area)
3 – 5684 Landmark Way
Surrey, BC V3S 7H1
Phone: 604-530-8390


The Ontario Nail Institute                                                           1425 Bishop Street North, Unit 6
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 6J9
Phone: (519) 624-9703

Amore Advanced Educators

Amore Advanced Educators are our most experienced and long standing Educators! They have a passion for AMORE and for the INDUSTRY. They love to share their knowledge with fellow technicians, and they train, certify and mentor NEW AMORE technicians. At their heart they are team players with a larger vision for the industry! They are involved with the testing and development all Amore products that come to the market and AMORE provides them with amazing educational opportunities through their Educational SUMMITS. There is no “I” in the AMORE education team. These ladies are our family, and we LOVE them!  You will see them at our trade shows, and networking events and teaching in our guest classrooms.

Olga Palylyk olga new 2016 small

Olga Palylyk was born and raised in St Petersburg, Russia and started her nail technician career in BC, Canada, where she lives now. She has been trained and won numerous awards both nationally and internationally.Olga has been a Certified Educator for Amore International since 2002. She teaches Beginner and Advanced nail technology, troubleshooting, and nail art techniques raising the professional bar for beginner as well as seasoned nail technicians. Olga has educated both nationally and internationally, working at trade shows in Russia, Canada and the USA.

Her work and educational articles have been published in both NailPro and Nails magazines as well as used for promotional posters for salons and other nail publications. Video tutorials of Olga’s original designs are available at her web site

Kari Mcquittykari_15

Kari McQuitty is an Advanced Nail Technician who has many years of experience in Education.  In her former life she instructed at Marvel College and also with DK Beauty Systems.  She has been an Amore Certified Educator since 2012. Owner/Operator of All About Nails in Strathmore, AB. Kari  is focused on quality first, both in her nail services and in the classroom.  All About Nails caters to small groups of classes and individual instruction for Beginner Nail Technicians and also for nail technicians that may just want to enhance their skills. 

Chris Jammer 

Chris Jammer  works from her home studio in Grande Prairie, AB. 

Chris’s passion for art has taken many forms.  As a renown Master Sculptress, she has been busy creating and educating in the art of sculpture, while selling her creations all over the world for the last decade.  In addition Chris has melded her photography and sculpting skills to successfully illustrate a Children’s book.  Chris enjoys drawing, painting and many other art forms and has incorporated those skills into her successful Nail Enhancement business at her Grande Prairie studio.  This allows her to practice her artistic ability on a daily basis, and she excels both in proficiency as an educator and as a nail technician! Her art classes are some of the best skill building classes you can take! Because of her extensive teaching experience in art techniques in many mediums she helps students discover their own creativity, at their own pace! Check her out on Facebook

Carla Foster carlaF_web

Carla Foster  works from her home studio in Chetwynd, BC. Carla has a great eye for art, colour and skill and teaches one on one beginner training to students in her remote BC location. Carla has been a Certified Amore Educator since 2012.

ShelleyH_web12Shelley Howlett

Shelley Howlett has been a Senior Nail Technician running her own successful esthetic business for over 20 years. She has been educating for Amore since 2005 . Shelley has a passion for teaching and has the patience of Job! She teaches her students with a gentle hand and a comprehensive knowledge of all things nails. She makes herself available to her students as a mentor long after they finish their beginner programs, and this greatly increases their success in the industry on a long term basis. She also provides advanced education for nail technicians already in the industry looking to upgrade their skills.

Felina Misiuk

Felina Misiuk   has been a working nail technician since 2001, while running her own successful business, Onyx & Agate Esthetics, in Morinville, AB.  She currently offers nail/esthetic services and private Gel Nail Technician Certification courses. Felina has a good grasp on both acrylic and gel nails because she believes there is a place for both in this industry to create beautiful nails. She is a perfectionist and takes pride in her work, and has been educating for Amore since 2014. Felina has a powerful and practical presence when she teaches students and is able to translate her knowledge no matter what level they are at. She teaches both art and skills classes with great adeptness. 

Rheanne Thackeray

Rheanne Thackeray has been an esthetician/nail tech since 2000. She has competed nationally and internationally and has been awarded numerous Allied Beauty Association awards in nails and makeup. She was the 2004 Contessa Nail Artist of the Year for Salon Magazine and has been a finalist several times.  Rheanne has a passion for all esthetics with a focus on nails. She is passionate and driven to be the absolute best at whatever she does.  She also finds time in her busy schedule to mentor and educate, being a salon owner since 2003. Rheanne has been a Certified Amore Educator since 2014. 


Amore Education Affiliates

Amore Education Affiliates are mentors in the Industry that offer Independent Education to nail technicians. They have many years of experience teaching and experimenting with products. They use and promote Amore products in their Education classes and post their work with our products on social media. They work with us at Amore to bring great education to all techs, and they have a heart for our company, our Education Team and our Brand Ambassadors!

Kinga Micaci

Since 2006, Kinga Micaci has been creating nails with a passion for design and quality.
   A winning Nail Artist and Journeyperson Qualified Educator offering her Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Accredited Training Program and various Nail Art Workshops on all levels travelling throughout Canada.
   She lives and works in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, however, she travels to teach her art when invited. She takes pride in every new student she gets to work with.
She has attended several talented educators’ workshops and continues to take classes to further her skills. Kinga actively practices in the nail industry as an Independent Educator.Kinga is excited to represent Amore as an Education Affiliate because she sees great potential in Amore’s growth as an ambitious Canadian company that is small enough for a close relationship with their team, yet popular due to the quality products and customer service they consistently offer.

Amore Educators! New 2018

Welcome to our newest educators in the Amore family! You will see these ladies beginning to attend tradeshows and teach classes of their own. Chosen from our Amore Brand Ambassador Program for their desire, passion and skills to represent Amore, they are a great addition to the “family” and we look forward to many years of learning and growing together!

Monica Webster

Monica was certified in 2007 with Amore Ultima through A Nail Above the Rest in Lacombe, AB and has loved the Amore line ever since! She was made an Amore Ambassador in June of 2017 and applied and qualified for Educator Status June of 2018. She is based in Okotoks, AB in her own home business, offering gel nails, pedicures, hand art, and 3D gel/acrylic designs-an now certification of beginner students! She is constantly challenging herself with learning new techniques in the industry by continuing her education with regular advanced training. She enjoys educating her clients on proper nail health, care and maintenance. Her work can be seen on Facebook Artistry In Nails by Monica or Instagram @artistryinnails

Stephany Safronovich

Stephany  has been in this lovely industry for 5 years.  In 2012, she was married, began her nail career and now is the mother of two rambunctious boys! She has taken many classes developing her educational foundation and her skills! Stephany has been been printed in Nails Magazine and she became an Amore Ambassador in September of 2017.  In July of 2018 Stephany took  another step in her journey by becoming an Amore Educator! Passionate about learning and creating, she feels excited to help others in the industry through her role as an Educator with Amore Ultima.  Stephany has learned so much, and accomplished much more than she thought possible in the last five years, and met so many amazing techs and people in the industry, that she now strives to be a mentor to other technicians!  Stephany is on Instagram @steph_saf

Lisa Hesterman

Lisa Hesterman (formerly Ruby) has been a nail technician since 2003. She is passionate about learning and taking any opportunity to improve her skills. Lisa specializes in next level nail art. She is also an aesthetician and makeup artist. Her out of the box, super creative artistic flair makes her work truly stand out! She became an Amore Ambassador in September of 2017 and qualified for Educator status on June 2018.  She posts her works art on her Instagram @refined_beauty



Amore Brand Ambassadors

Amore Ambassadors are chosen for their commitment to using Amore Ultima products and sharing the LOVE on Social Media! They are our biggest fans and we reward them by appointing them as Ambassadors! They receive special discounts, perks and education opportunities not available to anyone else! You might be our next Ambassador! We are watching for your work with our products on Social Media! Tag us at Instagram (#amoreultima) and Facebook (amoreultimagelnailsystem) 

jennifer reeceJennifer Reece

Originally from Rimbey, Alberta, Jennifer majored in Art and Design in college.  She moved to Prince Rupert, BC in 2006.

Along with her mother she introduced gel nails to the Prince Rupert community and opened a gel nail studio which ended up employing 5 additional technicians. She  has recently been working solo from her home for almost 3 years.

Living in a remote area, Jennifer keeps up with the trends via instagram @tipzbyjenn and online courses. She specializes in Soft Japanese Art, 3D art and one stroke flowers.

She was certified by Corrine Hunter at A Nail Above the Rest in Lacombe, AB, achieving her  Basic Gel Nail Certification and Masters. She was trained using Amore gels and has stayed with the line all these years. Her commitment to the line makes her the perfect Amore Ambassador!

Vanessa Wiede_webVanessa Wiede

Vanessa is a certified nail technician, based in Beaumont, AB, who operates her business in the comfort of her own home. 

Her passion for art began at a very young age and since becoming a certified nail technician in 2009, she has continued to educate herself on the latest trends. She loves to be creative and takes great pride in her work as she strives to offer exceptional service, attention to detail and professionalism. 

Vanessa Posts her fantastic work on her facebook page and also on Instagram @nail.haven

Alison Perkins_webAlison Perkins

Alison Perkins has been an Amore Certified Nail Technician since 2011. She has a home based salon in Provost, AB where she offers gel nail services, pedicures and waxing. Alison is dedicated to the industry and takes any opportunity to improve her skills and knowledge through advanced education. She posts her work regularly on her facebook page “Nails by Alison” as well as on Instagram @aliperks86

Angela Rolland Lacourse web

Angela Rolland LaCourse

Angela has been a nail technician and working out of her home since 2013. She was trained by Amore Educator  Kari McQuitty at All About Nails using the Amore Ultima Gel Nail System, and she loves everything about the line! 

She is always interested in learning all aspects of being a nail technician and is forever continuing her education by taking art workshops, advanced shaping classes, online education and connecting with fellow nail techs. 

Angela’s posts her work regularly on Instagram @angela_nailed_it


Colleen Allaby

Colleen started her gel nail course at A Nail Above the Rest in Lacombe almost four years ago, where she was instructed by Corinne Hunter. She has also acquired two nail art certificates and is always eager to learn new styles and techniques.
Being a nail tech has been a passion of Colleen’s since day one of her nail course. She enjoys her work and all her clients. “It’s an amazing feeling when you can say that you truly love your job

Katie Dominiuk_webKatie Dominiuk

Katie Dominiuk  is an Amore Trained Technician since 2010 and has perfected her skills through advanced education and hard work! She regularly posts her dazzing nails on instagram @kdazzlesnails and works out of salon in Sherwood Park, AB.

Shirin Gara_webShirin Gara

Shirin Gara was certified as a gel nail technician through MC College in 2012.
She works out of her busy home based salon Edmonton, AB. Shirin has always been an artist at heart and loves the fact doing nails gives her the opportunity to express her skills through nail art. She posts her works of art on her facebook page “Enchanted Nailz” and also on Instagram @enchanted_nailz

Verna_Morrissette_webVerna Morrissette

While working full time as an Educational Assistant at her local high school, Verna was certified at “A Nail Above the Rest” in March 2013. She began doing nails full time in the fall of 2013 when she had a health crisis that required her attention.

When asked about her art, this is what Verna had to say, “I’ve always loved art in it’s many forms. I believe women are like art…each are beautiful in their own unique way. So my love for art & making women feel good just naturally go hand in hand with doing nails. I love a challenge so there is very little I will not attempt, either on practice nails or on those clients that are willing to sit while I create. I really enjoy working with Amore Gel products because of the versatility, ease of application & awesome lineup of colours. The company and staff have been very supportive and have offered many options to improve the quality of my work. Amore rocks!!!”

Verna’s work can be seen on her facebook page or Instagram under NailZensation Studio. 

The reason she chose that name is…Nail because she loves everything nails! Zen because her pen & ink art is similar to zen doodle/zentangle and is an art form that she finds very relaxing & fulfilling. (sen)sation because her work creates a reaction of interest & excitement. 

Verna is married to a wonderful man who supports her in pursuing her passion. They have been blessed with two children, a son-in-law & three wonderful grandsons. 

natalie kinal webNatalie Kinal

Graduating from Lakeland College in 2012 with honors, Natalie is a nail tech/ clinical aesthetician. Passionate about everything nails, Natalie continues her education through advanced training.  

Using both acrylic along with gel; she specializes in 3D art and hand painting. Natalie devotes ample amount of time to prep work as well as shaping.  

Natalie was introduced to Amore by Rheanne Thackeray. She completely fell in love with the line, and has never looked back. Check her out on Instagram @natalie.kinal or Facebook Natalie.Kinal. She is currently working out of Red Deer, AB.

Lisa Ord

Lisa has been a certified Nail Technician and Aesthetician since 2001. She now operates from her home in Stony Plain, Alberta. Lisa loves all things nails and all things Amore. She enjoys continuing her education and she prides herself on being passionate about what she does and creating quality gel nails and designs. You can see her work on Facebook, Esthetica @Lisaordsalonandspa or on Instagram, @esthetica.salonandspa


 Tania Horst-Ahtila

Tania started her nail career in 2014, she credits her success to a few talented nail techs that mentored her after she took her nail course, and her determination to better herself in the industry. She now has a small successful homebased career in Entwistle, Alberta. Tania loves how the industry always challenges her and always striving to learn new techniques. Tania regularly posts on Instagram @00nail_ninja00

 Kari Kostiuk

Kari took her training right here with Amore Ultima in 2014. She continues to grow her homebased business in Provost, Alberta.  She posts on Instagram @karikostiuk

 Lori Snooks

After spending several years working in and managing a Dental office,  Lori decided it was time for a change. With the support of family and friends ( and even her nail tech) she decided to take the nail  course. Lori completed her certification in February of 2016 and opened her home salon in Fort McMurray, where she has resided for 43 yrs.

Not long after, Lori discovered Amore and fell in love, so much so, that it is the only line she uses in her salon. Lori posts on Instagram @gel_icious_gel_nails


 Tabitha Warholm

Tabitha has been a certified nail technician through All About Nails, by Kari McQuitty, since 2013. What drew Tabitha to becoming a nail tech was being her own boss and the ability to be creative while making women feel pretty. She ran her salon out of her home until January 2017 when she joined All About Nails in Strathmore. 

 Tabitha loves to create with her clients and enjoys all aspects of nail art. She uses her previous certification in Visual Design through out her design process and art creation. One of her favorite things to say when asked why she likes being a nail tech, she says ‘I get to be an artist without starving’. Everyday she challenges herself and works hard to improve her craft. Tabitha posts on Instagram @phatnailscalgary

 Kim Pardy

Kim Pardy is a Certified Nail Technician at All About Nails in Strathmore, Alberta. Kim has furthered her education on an ongoing basis, with several art classes and salon styles. Kim is a die hard Amore lover and has extensive knowledge with the product line. When she isn’t glued to a nail desk, she enjoys spending time with her family and trying very hard not to be the loudest Hockey mom in the arena.

Hayley Tickle

Hayley moved to Canada in 2008 from the United Kingdom. After being in the jewelry industry for 15yrs Hayley decided to try something new and gained her nail technician certification in 2016 from A Nail Above the rest in a Lacombe
Her nickname ‘magpie’ was given to her from her parents and friends when she was young because of her love for anything sparkly it’s only fitting that she likes to include crystals and rich Amore colours and glitters in her hand painted nail art.
Hayley says she’s is ‘truly thankful for the encouragement i have received from both clients and my family they knew their was a talent there when I doubted myself’
Meeting new people, being inspired daily, and making people feel good is a beautiful thing.
Hayley’s posts frequently on instagram @nailzbyhailz

— with Hayley Tickle.

 Wendy Mockford

Wendy Mockford is a Certified Nail Technician, and working at All About Nails in Strathmore, where she was raised and is proud to have her own business. She has taken many nail classes to upgrade her skills and knowledge of the nail industry and loves the ever changing and evolving nature of the Beauty Industry.
Wendy has been in various areas of the industry since the age of fifteen, from hair and makeup, to nails, and it is her true passion to make others feel beautiful and look their best. She loves sharing her love and loyalty to Amore Ultima products with her customers and other nail technicians.

 Kat Hains

Kat Hains has been a certified nail technician since 2013 and never looked back. She found a passion in doing nails that no paint brush or pencil has ever filled. She’s always been drawing and gets to enjoy it everyday with nails. She loves experimenting and trying to master the newest designs and teaching others how to achieve them.

She opened up her own home based nail salon in 2016 where she works full time. The beauty industry is full of amazing & talented people, and she wants to continue growing with and around the people she gets to surround herself with everyday. Including the amazing Amore family and their ability to create such a flawless and ever growing product!
— with Kat Hains.

Naomi Javadian

Naomi’s love for nails started when she was 11 years old. She would always paint her friends nails. At 14 years old a family member of Naomi’s opened her own nail bar in England. That was when she first got sculpted nails and that was also when Naomi knew she wanted to be a nail technician.
Naomi become a certified Gel nail technician in 2012! She absolutely loves doing nails and will forever be a nail technician.
Naomi fell in love with Amore and is beyond proud to be an Amore Ambassador.