30 Years???

Amore is a Canadian, woman owned company started by Stefania Anderson in the early 90’s. It is a long story, but to try and summarize, she started in the hair industry and moved over to esthetics once she sold her hair distribution business. (She originally brought Paul Mitchell to Canada in the 80’s). Through industry tradeshows and classes in the late 80’s, she saw the new market trend of something called “Gel Nails”. She had always had acrylic nails done on herself, and thus began her journey into the esthetic industry.

Stefania started Amore Ultima in the early 90’s and the rest is history. Two other Edmonton based gel lines emerged from Amore and these three companies were the backbone of the Alberta/Western Canada gel industry for many years. Then entered the big money conglomerates from the US, and THEN in more recent years, came the flood of products direct to the market from China.

Today, thirty years later, Amore is going strong with their commitment to FOUNDATIONAL products. Steering away from fads, and sticking with their core value of quality ingredients, exceptional customer service and products, they have retained committed Amore users for decades. Three in fact. Why? Because they keep it simple and keep it consistent.

All Amore products are formulated using ONLY North American or European ingredients.

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