General Questions

Q: I get confused as to what steps I am supposed to do with this system? Why are there so many options?

A:  Amore Ultima is a customizable system to meet the needs of each tech/client. The tech that uses Amore Ultima will be able to create a unique service for each of their clients based on their lifestyle, nail type and length of nails. VIDEO-french overlay VIDEO-natural overlay 

Q: Can I mix Amore Ultima with another line?

A: All of the Amore components are tested together and are meant to be used as a cohesive system. We do not recommend mixing our system with others. Our Educators are trained with our system and will only be able to troubleshoot if you use our entire system as recommended.

Q: Can I mix Amore base gels together?

A: Amore Ultima Gels are formulated to be able to custom mix. All but the bonder, crystal sculpt and Gloss Tops. You can, for example, mix some Builder into the Sculpt and Shine to make a custom builder gel. Or mix Sculpt & Shine into Pink Builder to change it’s viscosity.

Q: Why can’t I cure Amore in an LED? When are you making the change?

A: Amore Ultima Gel Nail System was formulated in the early 1990’s,  when UV was the only way to cure a gel product. We have a system that works and have no intention of changing our core system. Because you can flash cure the products in 20 seconds and full set/fill applications require the hands going into the lamps several times, we find there is very little difference in overall service time for full set/fill services. Where LED/UV options seem to make the most sense (cutting service time) is in color applications, and for this we have created the Prisma FX line. Amore Ultima has been testing UV/LED formulas for their base gels, but has not arrived at a formula that performs to the level of their UV line. They have not stopped testing in this area! Stay tuned.

Q: Can I pinch with Amore Gels? If yes, which ones?

A: If you are properly trained to do so, you can pinch the free edge of all of our building gels when performing a new set. The best ones are Clear Builder and Crystal Sculpt.

Q: How do you transfer foils onto Amore Gel?

A: You always want to make sure the dispersion layer is sticky. Most gels are stickier the cooler it is…especially Crystal Sculpt. VIDEO

Q: I LOVE nail art! Does Amore Ultima offer good products for art?

A: We have some of the BEST products and Educators for ART! Register/Log in to our members only area for special video tutorials and watch our newsletter for classes and shows in your area.