Color System Questions

Q: Why do I have to cure Prisma Elites for 3 minutes?

A: The Amore Elite Gel Paints must be cured for 3 minutes to ensure that the highly pigmented colors are cured completely. Also the 3 minute cure will create that high gloss shine, any less and there is a dullness to it.

Q: What happens if I mix Prisma Elite with Prisma Colour?

A: We do not recommend mixing them together in the same pot as Prisma Colours cure with a dispersion layer and Prisma Elites cure with no dispersion layer. However you can layer them no problem on a nail for art purposes.

Q: What is the difference between Pixie Glitters and other brands of glitter gels?

A: The Amore Pixie Gels formulation combine different sizes of high grade micro glitter mixed in a medium viscosity, self leveling base that keeps the glitter suspended so that you never have to mix them. VIDEO

Q: Can I sculpt a free edge with a Pixie Glitter?

A: If you have a skeleton layer of clear gel on the form first you can build with all of the Pixie Glitter OTHER than the DREAM series. The Dream Series of the pixies have larger additives which will cause weakness in the nail if you are solely using it to build with. VIDEO

Q: My colour gel doesn’t look the same as the tip display? Is something wrong with my pot?

A:  Most often the pot has not been stirred enough or at all. The colours tend to have the pigment settle to the bottom of the container and you must scrape it off the bottom and lightly stir it completely to ensure you are  applying the color the way it is intended. VIDEO

Q: How do I get rid of shadows in the light colored gel (flat nudes)?

When applying any light colors make sure to let it sit on the nail for a bit so that the gel can settle within itself.

Q: My black will not cure, why?

A: Amore Primary and Elite Black are highly pigmented. When dealing with any gels that have a high level of pigment within it you have to make sure your layers are thin and consistent to ensure that the UV can penetrate the gel to cure it throughout.