Samantha McDonald

My name is Samantha McDonald, I have been a Nail Technician since 2012. My mom was a Nail Technician and so was My Mother in law. They both thought I would be good at nails, so I thought I would try it out! I was educated through Amore and haven’t tried a single product I liked more. 


Once I got started, I worked out of my home in Red Deer. I posted on Kijiji and started my business. I actually picked up clients pretty quickly and had a wonderful clientele. I never knew that working everyday would turn into doing something you love with friends. Clients that I have known from the beginning, got to be apart of all the big events in my life, like getting married and having 3 children. 


Lots of my clients always had so much trust in me to try new things and appreciate the work I did. They gave me the confidence to try hand-painted art and now it is my favourite thing to do on nails. If it wasn’t for the clients I have had, I wouldn’t have as much Love for doing nails. 


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