Sculpt/Build Product Questions

Q: Builder is TOO thick for me, why is it SO thick?

A: Builder provides maximum durability. It was created with a heavy viscosity to ensure any nail tech would have the ease of application at the stress area of any type of nail enhancement.

Q: Why is Builder Gel getting so hot in the lamp?

A: There can be a few reasons why. One reason could be too much product, another reason could be that the clients nails have been damaged from overfilling or from picking/ripping the nails off. Other more systemic reasons why the gel will get hot in the lamp can be due to medications, illness, hormone changes, etc.

Q: What is Pink Builder?

A: Pink Builder is an ideal troubleshooting product for problem lifting. It has a very heavy viscosity which allows for precise application and no cuticle overflow. It is meant to be used right after bonder as an extra layer of adhesion for those that lift. VIDEO-trouble lifters VIDEO-nail biters

Q: How do I use Pink Builder?

A: Amore Pink Builder is a unique troubleshooting gel. This gel is to be used after the bonder in the areas where you find lifting occurs.

Can you sculpt an entire nail with Conceal and the Cache Pink?

A: Yes, as Conceal and the Cache Pinks are Builder Gels you can build the structure of the nail with them after applying Bonder as your first layer.

Q: Why do the “crystal” gels need to be cured for 3 minutes when all the others are 2 minutes?

A: The Crystal Sculpt and the Crystal Gloss require a 3 minute cure to achieve the scratch resistant high shine that is necessary to withstand every day wear. If you cure it for 2 minutes you will find that the nail will not be AS shiny or as durable as with the 3 minute cure.

Q: What is the Conceal used for?

A: Conceal is a coverage pink to allow the nail technician to achieve a flawless nail bed extension or doing the all too popular nude nail.

Q: What is the difference between Pink Sculpt & Shine and Sculpt & Shine?

A: A slight variation in the color of the product. It is not enough to make any change in a French nail(on the white).

Q: Can I mix Crystal Sculpt with other Amore Gel’s?

A: It’s not recommended as Crystal Sculpt is made differently than our other building gels. You can, however, layer our builder gels as long as they are similar flexibility.

Q: What is the difference between Cache Cool and Cache Warm?

A: Cache Cool has a blue undertone and Cache Warm has a peachy undertone.

Q: Why can you use Sculpt and Shine and Crystal Sculpt to Gloss? What are the benefits to doing this?

A: Both Crystal Sculpt and Sculpt and Shine cure to a high shine. The benefits to using a builder gel as your top gloss is to add extra strength to the nail without adding thickness. It is also an alternative gloss top for those techs that prefer to apply a more full bodied gloss top. Keep in mind, the shine will not last as long as when using a gloss top.

Q: What is the difference between Crystal Sculpt and Sculpt and Shine?

A: Crystal Sculpt allows you to sculpt a thinner, stronger nail and it is less flexible than Sculpt & Shine. Sculpt & Shine offers maximum flexibility with minimal heat transfer. It offers an ease in application. Both can double as a high shine finishing gel. Crystal Sculpt has a more scratch resistant finish than Sculpt & Shine.