Felina Misiuk

Felina Misiuk has been a working nail technician since 2001, while running her own successful business, Onyx & Agate Esthetics, in Morinville, AB. She currently offers nail/esthetic services and private Gel Nail Technician Certification courses. Felina has a good grasp on both acrylic and gel nails because she believes there is a place for both in this industry to create beautiful nails. She is a perfectionist and takes pride in her work, and has been educating for Amore since 2014. Felina has a powerful and practical presence when she teaches students and is able to translate her knowledge no matter what level they are at. She teaches both art and skills classes with passion. More recently, Felina has been appointed as the Amore Education Liason where she assists Amore Educators in a myriad of ways! You can see her instgram HERE

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