Julie Funk

Julie started getting her nails done back in 2004 as a way to stop biting, they were sooooo short! Julie’s nail tech used mostly Amore products on me, and she was loving them as they always stayed on, even while Julie milked the cows!! Julie’s husband passed away in 2010 and she had to find … Read more

Helena Killinger

Helena became a certified nail technician in June of 2018. She is married with 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls).  Helena has always been artistic and growing up dreamed of becoming a hairdresser. That never came to pass, but a friend introduced her to doing nails, and she was hooked. Before nails, she worked … Read more

Jody Bachynski

Jodie began her nail career in 2009. She is a Journeyperson Nail Technician and a Certified Swarovski Nail Technician.  Jodie believes education is the key to moving forward in this industry. She has advanced her skills by training with many Nail Masters including Pauline Feinauer, Emese Koppanyi, Amy Becker, Olesja Nikolenko, Carla Collier, Sam Biddle and … Read more

Kat Hains

Kat has always had an affinity for drawing and artistic expression. She became a certified nail technician in 2013 and hasn’t looked back! It excites her to bring her brush to 10 small canvases everyday and fulfills her artistic passion in a way that she never thought possible. She is an adventurous experimenter and is … Read more

Wendy Mockford

Wendy Mockford is a Certified Nail Technician, she owns her own salon in Strathmore, where she was raised and is proud to have her own business, Inspire Nails by Wendy. She has taken many nail classes to upgrade her skills and knowledge of the nail industry and loves the ever changing and evolving nature of the … Read more

Krystina Maciborsky

Krystina found her passion and has been a certified nail technician since July 2014! She absolutely loves being her own boss and working from home in Red Deer, AB.  Her journey started using multiple different products all of which she wasn’t a huge fan of until she discovered the Amore Ultima Gel Nail System! She … Read more

Holly White

Originally from Newfoundland Holly moved to Fort McMurray 15 years ago. Working as a warehouse technician she decided she would take a gel nail course. She got her education from A Nail Above the Rest back in 2010 with Amore. She loves all the products especially the beautiful, pigmented colors from the Prisma Elite and … Read more

Victoria Guynup

Victoria lives in the city of Lacombe where she was born and raised. Since a young age, she has had an exceptional eye for detail and perfection in everything that she does. Graduating from the Lacombe Outreach in June of 2017, Victoria embarked on her journey of becoming a gel nail technician through A Nail … Read more

Heather Klemmer

Heather began her nail career in 2006, after spending a few years as a Esthetician she took the Nail Technician course, and never looked back. She grew her business over 6 years in her studio in Three Hills, then moved to Olds in 2012 where she currently works full time in her home Studio. Some … Read more

Kelcie Olson

Kelcie completed her nail training course in 2009 with Corrine Hunter at A Nail Above the Rest in Lacombe, AB. Shortly after, Kelcie began working at Corrine’s Spa where she gained invaluable experience as a team member working with other nail technicians.  In 2011, Kelcie pursued advanced training with ANAR obtaining Master Nail Tech and … Read more